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How can we help you?

Planning Submission

The majority of projects will require some level of planning consent to be in place before construction can begin. We will advise you on the best route in order to achieve your brief. We will develop the scheme to a high level of detail for planning submission and prepare the appropriate documentation to accompany the drawings. We have a good knowledge of the planning legislation and are here to guide you through the process in order to create your dream home. We take care of the full design and planning submission on your behalf, aiming to make the process as simple as possible for our clients. Our relationship with Cornwall Council Planning is very positive, where we aim to promote bespoke and carefully considered architecture. 

Eden2 Goonhavern - Sheet - A110 - Long Section Flat Roofs.jpg

Building Regulations

We will ensure that every element of the project has been thoughtfully designed and co-ordinated to maximise the success of the project.  We have extensive experience in construction detailing, where we apply robust details that are carefully thought through to suit each project. Our relationship with Cornwall Council Building Control is very close, where we aim to promote high quality and efficient design. We work alongside a team of friendly consultants (structural engineers, quantity surveyors, etc) to ensure the design meets an exact specification, from the overall concept to the finest detail.

3D Visualisation and Walkthroughs 

Using the latest computer technology available we are able to transport you into the heart of your design. We can create realistic 3D renders which bring your project to life, and also provide walk through experiences to witness the space before its built, by stepping through the front door, and even peer at the view out over the kitchen sink. With the exact scale and perspective of your project rendered into a virtual landscape, you’re able to experience the design possibilities before they happen. From new builds to extensions and renovations our computer technology brings every proposal, of any size, to life.


Interior Design and Architecture

The most successful projects are those where the architectural and interior design are developed together. We always approach the design as a collaboration between the designer and the client, arriving at a unique and bespoke solution that is both beautiful and atmospheric, whilst also being functional and practical. Surface finishes, lighting, door handles and bathroom fittings can be selected with the specific intent to create beautiful and light spaces. 

Kitchen and Furnishings Design

We also have experience in designing bespoke furniture items for the project – kitchens, wardrobes, desks, cabinets – allowing the project to be individualised to the clients way of living. Working closely with suppliers and fitters to create pieces that compliment the overall aesthetic of the project. These carefully crafted designs emerge from our experience and understanding of different materials and techniques to create something bespoke and practical which enhances the users day to day life. 


Construction Phase

The success of a project is partly down to the quality of the construction documentation and communication. We can provide a detailed set of drawings for a builder to give an accurate price. Our drawings are detailed, clear, and comprehensive to avoid confusion when the work starts. Once on-site, we can liaise with your builder/contractor to answer any questions they have during the build. Undertaking site visits when requested and drawing up any additional details to assist with the build. 

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