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Our latest plans for contemporary extensions and alterations to this holiday home in Trevone, Cornwall. The extensions comprise of 2 elements, front and rear. A major aim of the project was to increase the excitement when approaching the property. Reimagining the entrance to the property with a double height atrium with a mezzanine above. To the rear you are brought into a contemporary ‘box’ which shows off views directly down the garden. Large seamless glass apertures blur the outside with the in, connecting the previously cut off kitchen with the peaceful gardens.


The extensions are both clad in both black and natural colour recycled wood cladding to make the property stand out from the crowd. The alterations offer more sunlight and space, whilst creating exceptional openness to the large south facing gardens.


Getting the balance of what materials to use where was a key factor to get right, after our initial concept designs were put together, we put the project into our 3D CAD software to make realistic comparisons, resulting in a project which exceeds our client's expectations. We can’t wait to get this out on site, to see these images come to life. An exciting road ahead for this project.

REAR 0001 3D - WA - i02.jpg
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