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Why bring Webber Architecture on board for your home renovation?

A renovation can transform your home, creating new living experiences for your family and friends. With us onboard we will be able to deliver you a design which makes the most of your home. See some of our top reasons to get our professional opinion on your latest home renovation project:

1. Make space work harder

When working with existing properties, adapting and reusing the existing space available is essential to an attractive and efficient design. The trick is to make the existing space work twice as hard, whilst creating a seamless blend between any new alterations and the existing property. Understanding our clients lifestyles to create a home which is truly bespoke to your way of living.

2. Compliment existing features

Each property comes with its wonderful/ quirky/ homely parts which initially made you purchase your home. Or perhaps you could see beyond the wreckage a couldn’t wait to start taking down walls to maximise the potential of your home. But you should never ignore the existing features, finding the right balance through materials, light and proportions can completely transform your home.

3. Maximise value and budgets

Scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram is the home owners dream, so many wonderful ideas are out there, and we always encourage our clients to look for inspiration and refine there tastes to ensure we can tailor a specific brief, to the people, property and price! With extensive experience of housebuilding and development our team at Webber Architecture are here to guide you through and recommend ways to maximise your budget and exceed your brief.

4. What will it look like?

Not everyone is trained to read plans and quite often they can look like an over complex jigsaw puzzle. We model all our projects into 3D CAD software which not only allows us to export clean and simple plans but also use our in-house rendering software to create photorealistic images and VR walkthroughs of the proposal we have created with you. ---- See some example renders of a project just submitted into planning below.

5. A stress-free project with regular site visits

A home renovation can be a stressful undertaking, particularly when it involves something so close to your heart, which is why the help of an outside party can be an effective way to ensure everything runs smoothly. We offer an additional service which involves regular site visits to coordinate with contractors to ensure the project is hassle free, resulting a high quality finish which you are proud to call ‘home’.


Contact us today for top quality architectural services, to begin your journey of creating a new and improved home. ---- Contact | Webber Architecture


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